Things To Expect

Engine X understands that launching a new website can be quite a daunting task and every website designer's quote will differ in one way or another making the decision of who to go with even harder. There are however some common things you should expect and not expect as part of setting up your new website.

Build Cost - To build your website there will be an initial cost. This cost is basically the price a website designer will charge you for the time it takes to build your website and the initial start up costs involved. 

Ongoing Cost - All websites have an ongoing cost once live as there are important things the website will need for people to be able to find and view your website online. These costs include the website address, the servers your website sits on and the ongoing updates your website is likely to need in time.

Average Build Time - Engine X builds our websites in around 5-10 working days, however the average within the industry is one month.

The Specification Stage - When starting a website build you will need to give your website designer some direction as to what finish you want, the more information you can give at this stage the better as it helps your developer understand your tastes faster. 

Things To Avoid

When picking your website designer there are some things we think you should be aware of and look out for so you can make an informed decision when deciding who to go with. These are the key things we think people should look out for when starting up a new website.

International Development - There is nothing wrong with using overseas developers but this often means you cannot speak directly with your designer or it can be hard to communicate and get across those all important details compared with someone who speaks the same language natively, be sure to ask where your developers are located if this is important to you.

Hidden Costs - Some website developers will hide additional costs related to your website. The most common of these are ongoing fees once you have signed up with them. Engine X offers its users much more than just a website and advertises its prices very clearly inside the Packages section of the website., if you have any questions regarding the prices please contact us directly. 

The Hard Sell - No one likes to feel like they are being pressured into buying something. If you ever feel that the designer is trying to pressure you into buying now we recommend avoiding them. They should be able to sell their own platforms based on their quality rather than bad mouthing other designers.