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Why More Customers Are Booking Directly Online

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1.  Online Bookings 


More people than ever before are familiar with the concept of making an online booking. This is happening partly through the passing of time as new generations appear and was definitely reinforced during the first national lockdown when the only way to receive goods was by making online purchases.


Fun Fact - Customers will often spend considerably more money for the convenience of making an online booking.


2.  Referrals 


We all hand out our cards and text customers so they have our numbers etc but these are things that are often lost, forgotten or deleted.  However, if a customer knows that they can easily find you online, they will come back time and time again and refer friends and family to your website. 


This is how the 'word of mouth' concept is developing as we move deeper into the digital age (link sharing).  The sooner your business has an online presence, the stronger it will become, resulting in organic traffic (website hits) which means that it costs you nothing to get a customer to the 'book now' page on your website and is pure profit.


3.  Gig Economy


The Man and Van gig economy has really accelerated over the last decade with millions of bookings being completed, resulting in more customers than ever being aware that they can get a better price and overall service by booking with you DIRECTLY. 


Not having an online presence will likely result in the customer booking you again via the third party website they found you on originally and you will pay a hefty commision for the privilege.


4.  Why Does The Customer Get A Better Price By Booking Me Directly? 


The reason the customer gets a better price by booking you directly as opposed to via the third party website is because you are not adding a percentage increase to your prices to offset the high commision set by the company.  If you work on a third party website and do not increase your rates to offset their commision you are mugging yourself!  I know for a fact that the high commissions take at least the fuel costs to do the job away from the service provider. 


5.   What Does This Result In?


This results in service providers needing to hunt for backloads so they can do even more work  just to make the first job worth it.


There are of course more reasons why more people than ever are booking online but I think I have covered the main ones and made my point.


If you would like to discuss the possibility of getting an online booking system for your business PM me anytime day or night as im a Zombie (more on that soon) 


Let's get YOUR business online and all work together for a change which is much needed.


Thanks for reading,



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