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Work from anywhere and generate a monthly income by selling the EX Instant Online Booking System

How it works

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1. Work your own schedule

At your own leisure research and contact a database of industry contacts.

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2. Sell the booking system

When a sale is agreed email us

with the details and it will be assigned to you.

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3. Get paid monthly

Receive £20.00 on the 4th of every month for every active sale you have made.

More details

EngineX charge the website owners £49.99 per month to provide the online booking technology which is proven to increase online conversions and profits.

EngineX charge 0% commission on any bookings that are made through the booking system, this makes the system highly viable for business owners even in the current climate.


When you make a sale simply email us with the companies details and we will assign the customer to you, you will then receive £20.00 on the 4th of every month for as long as that customers subscription remains active.

The remaining amount from the £49.99 comes directly to EngineX which covers the costs incurred with generating instant quotes online.


Unfortunately, if a customer cancels their subscription your next monthly payment would be minus £20.00.

The reality

Constructing a database of targeted clients and approaching them in a way that gains their interest and results in a sale is something that takes dedication and practice to achieve consistently.


EngineX are here to help you every step of the way, although your selling independently we do think of you all as team members working towards the same goal.


The bottom line is if you can make the sales the earning potential that is in front of you is unlimited.


Below is some basic yet fun math for you.


5 active sold subscriptions = £100.00 direct into your bank account on the 4th.


20 active sold subscriptions = £400.00 direct into your bank account on the 4th.


80 active sold subscriptions = £1,600.00 direct into your bank account on the 4th.


320 active sold subscriptions = £6,400.00 direct into your bank account on the 4th.


We are not saying you are going to achieve the higher numbers displayed above next month or even the month after that, it's going to take time so try to think of this as a long game, if you have the drive to keep going, you will steadily grow your network of contacts and then the sales and monthly income will follow.


To date EngineX have developed online booking systems for the Man and Van Removals and Courier industries.

Development is in progress for an online booking system in the Cleaning industry.


I have added a link below to a company that has an active online booking system with EngineX, click the [Direct Quotes] button and you will be taken to the online booking system just like a customer would be.


From there online customers can enter their details and get instant online quote for times the company is available to do the job, they also have the option to pay and confirm the booking there and then.

If you would like to what happens next message James on 07403843165

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. Direct money straight to your nominated bank account.

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. Become a EX partner at no cost to you.

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. Work from anywhere in the world on your mobile phone.

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