Frequently asked questions

How long does an average project take?

On average a project is complete within 5-15 working days after receiving your breif.

What is a brief?

A Brief is a companies list of requirements and preferences with regard to the design and style of the project, the brief gives Engine X web developers direction when starting a new build.

How is your work different from other designers?

The Engine X team combined has over 30 years experience within the Man and Van industry and is responsible for some of the most sucessful Man and Van websites on the market today, this is due to our understanding of the logistics business and experience in making highly converting online booking websites.

What is your design process?

The design process begins after receiving your breif, the breif will give us the direction needed to begin the building of your website, once the base of your website is in place we will send you a beta version of the website from where you can list any changes you would like, we will then compose a tweak list and make the updates based on the priorities you decide.

Will my website designer be based in the UK?

Yes, all Engine X website designers are based in the UK and are readily contactable.

What marketing help do you include?

The level of marketing help varies depending on the Website Package you have selected online, we offer search engine optimisation as standard in all of our packages but can go as far as supplying your business with a professional marketing support team for your business.

What are the ongoing costs after the 1st year?

The ongoings costs after the 1st year will just be a continuation of your current plan.

Will the website be tablet and mobile friendly?

Yes, all Engine X website designs are desktop, mobile and tablet friendly.

How long have you been building websites?

The Engine X team have been building websites now for over 10 years.

Can I receive confirmed bookings from my website?

Yes, all packages come with an online booking system so you can receive confirmed bookings for dates and times you are available.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes, you the service provider are in complete control of your own rates.

Can I make myself and my drivers unavailable on the website so I am not double booked?

Yes, if you become unavailable you can make yourself or your drivers unavailable from inside your EngineX account.

Can I receive more than one booking at the same time?

Yes, if you have more than one driver added to your booking system you can receive more than one booking for the same time.

Can I set prices for more than one van size?

Yes, you can set prices for Small, Medium, Large, Luton van and 7.5 Tonne sizes.

Can I set prices for arrive & drive jobs only?

Yes, the online booking system does accommodate customer loading bookings.

Can I set prices for 2 and 3 man jobs?

Yes, you can set hourly rates for both 2 and 3 man bookings.

Can I charge for stairs on the booking system?

Yes, you control how much you charge per flight of stairs per man.

Is there a mileage charge per mile?

Yes, you control how much per mile your booking system charges.

Is there a running mileage facility?

Yes, you can set a charge per mile to get to a collection address from your base address.

What happens when I receive a booking?

When a customer books your service you will receive both text and email confirmations containing the details of the job.

Can I control my collection radius?

Yes, you can control your collection radius and the area you advertise in.

How am I paid for jobs completed through the booking system?

Your online booking system will offer customers a choice of paying either a deposit then cash to the driver, or by paying in full by card when confirming the booking, in both cases the online payments will go directly into your nominated bank account.

What is the commision paid to EngineX for each booking received from the booking system?

The commission rate per job received is 8.4% which covers our processing fees.

Do I have to carry passengers in the van?

No, if you do not wish to carry passengers we will add this information onto your website.

Can customers add via stops when doing a quote?

Yes, the online booking system does have the facility for customers to add more than one stop to a journey.