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Many companies have been struggling to manage multiple bookings from multiple 3rd party websites at the same time.


Resulting in confusion, financial penalties and unhappy customers.


With the EngineX Management system service providers are able to import jobs from any platform and then manage them collectively from one master account.


So far service providers using the EngineX online booking system have seen a 20% rise in online conversions.

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About EngineX

Engine X is a platform that provides gig economy companies with the technology needed to start their own online business.


Using the latest algorithms EngineX are able to provide companies with technology which allows them to concentrate on providing a professional service.


EngineX has brought together a community of over 10,000 companies in the UK who are ready to receive their daily bookings independently of 3rd party regulators and their fee's.


Unlike 3rd party websites, EngineX does not charge companies a commission for each booking they receive, instead we charge a modest monthly subscription that allows the companies to show lower prices on their own websites than they advertise on the other 3rd party websites.

Enginex website designers

Case Study


High Commissions

Aggregators take large commissions from each job making the work un-viable for service providers without first hiking up their online prices to compensate for the regulators large fee.

Manic Management

Many companies are out in the field trying to juggle bookings in progress whilst making sales, allocating work and trying to maintain a premium service level.

Empty Mileage

Service providers spend a large % of their time travelling to and from the job, by using EngineX's auto allocation tool we can connect bookings together and help reduce fuel emissions.

Enginex website designers

The Solution

Companies source their own online booking technology via EngineX and we work together to grow their online businesses independently and avoid paying high commissions.

Unique Value Proposition

Using our experience within website and online booking system development we will continue to build bespoke websites and algorithms for companies which include our highly converting online booking system.

Unfair Advantage

The EngineX team built our main competitors management system so we know it's strengths and weaknesses inside and out. Gig economy platforms are currently ignoring new service providers rights legislations, the EngineX business model is not subject to suc legislations.

Existing Alternatives

Book with Compare the Man and Van run the risk of your booking not being accepted by the service provider you choose online resulting in a randomly located driver being able to accept your job and then offering it out to other providers in whatsapp groups for even less money than agreed online, this results is very poor service levels.

Key Metrics

EngineX has a detailed business plan in place and by meeting the objectives within the plan means service providers can scale by working both independently and together to dominate the marketplace and see an end for the expensive 3rd party regulators.

High Level Concept

Since the first national lockdown many smaller online businesses did not survive resulting in only the heavily funded gig economy websites advertising online consistently. This gives the regulators even more power over the service providers who continue to raise the commissions for each job received.


EngineX will use it's database of 15,000 service providers and 30.000 customers to further build our virtual community filled with members who care about the EngineX business because the profits in the work they receive are so much higher than they have ever seen.

Cost Structure

Ensuring that costs remain below operating revenue is a core priority. We understand our key cost centres and the interplay of these costs with revenue. Our major cost items include: Research and development, Driver payments, Online marketing, Local advertising and accelerated driver App development.

Revenue Streams

To further leverage our market entry strategy, we have identified several possible revenue streams. Sameday Transport, Website Advertising, Removal Services, Man and Van Services and Courier Services.

Early Adopters

Our early adopters all show the following characteristics:




Recognise the need for change

Customer Segments

Companies with no website or no online presence.

Companies with a website but no online booking system.

Companies who want more job offer opportunities.

Companies with a website but design improvements required.


Leading industry technology that allows services providers to receive confirmed bookings for multiple staff members all at the same time.


Lack of initial funds to drive work flow through the engine encouraging others to subscribe and use the platform in the same way.


There is an opportunity to offer unhappy service providers an empowering alternative to they receive and manage their work now.


We will use paid advertising and marketing strategies on all major social media platforms including our whattsapp communities.


As soon as a service provider's account is activated they will shortly after receive a job offer notification and see the difference in rate of pay by working indepently with EngineX.


EngineX can increase revenue by having a massive recruitment surge where we see our subrition numbers rise but to achieve this we must have regular workflow coming out of the system.

Enginex website designers


We are unable to obtain the investment needed to allow us to execute the phases set out in the business plan.


Our customers will come from service providers looking for work opportunity or website and online booking solutions online.


Providing regular work flow is being reallocated through the system service providers will happily subscribe for £19.99 a month just for the opportunity to claim a job that pays them 96.6% of the total.


When service providers are well paid and working for more money than they have before they will tell others about how it works and encourage them to subscribe. Its the best deal on the internet.

Target Customers

Our target customers are professional people looking for automated changes to the way they work or more work oppertunity.

Value Proposition

EngineX have an algorithm that can detect when a new inquiry is made in an area where a service provider is scheduled to complete a booking on that date. After a set time our systems automatically alerts the customer and the service provider to the match so they can discuss a potentially discounted quote.

Knowing their needs

Service providers often need a backload taking them back to their base location once a booking is complete.

MVP Prototype

At EngineX we have used our years of experience to develop user friendly interfaces that use strong (click to action) strategies that result in higher conversion rates for the companies.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the number one technology provider for all gig economy workers who have ambition to grow their businesses independently. Through unity and community we can see an end to the 3rd party regulators that charge unfair commissions.

Enginex website designers

MVP Feature Set

Service providers can manage and receive their own direct bookings and reallocate bookings to other trusted members of the community ensuring they provide a reliable service for their customers.

Our Mission

The Mission is to change the way gig economy service providers receive and accept confirmed bookings. Using a subscription business model with no high commissions or charges EngineX can attract large volumes of new subscribers quickly to the platform.

Our Values

The EngineX team is driven by the need for change and will continue to do everything we can to ensure there is another option for gig economy service provider's who are looking for more.

For Investors

The EngineX Strategy

Organic Growth

Continue organic growth within the UK domestic market, through increases in advertising and marketing will result in new commercial customers and service providers thus maintaining market liquidity.

Corporate Partnerships 

Proceed with the B2B side of the business and develop additional partnerships with companies at the same time. 

International Expansion 

EngineX has planned to launch into new countries outside of the UK. As our technology is compatible with other gig economy businesses around the world.

Enginex website designers

Acceleration In Tech Development

As a technology company, EngineX will continue to disrupt gig economy marketplaces by accelerating its tech developments.

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. Low monthly subscription no large commissions per booking.

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. Get your business on Google so returning customers can find you directly.

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. Get the best websites and online booking systems at an amazing price.

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